Education in LA – Studio Visit: Nancy Baker Cahill and Tanya Aguinaga

Education Inside LA enjoyed a double-header visit to the studios of member and visual artist Nancy Baker Cahill and fellow artist, Tanya Aguiñaga in Atwater Village. We began with a viewing of a video background of Tanya’s personal and artistic background in Tijuana, and then learned of her current work at the US-Mexico border that will culminate with a collaborative project, which will engage visitors as they make the lengthy crossing. All the while we were privy to the work of Tanya’s assistants hard at work in the warm, colorful studio packed to the brim with materials of all types and colors. (Tanya will be moving to a larger space in Frogtown in the coming weeks.)

We then moved across the hall to view Nancy’s graphic work, and learn about her current Surd series, inspired by the traumatic experience and work of a Dartmouth philosopher. Nancy explained that a “surd” is a mathematical principle by which a sudden impact to a discernible pattern instantly renders it unrecognizable. The resulting works of monochromatic abstracted biomorphic forms altered by colored punctures elicits both visceral and intellectual responses in the viewer. The large-scale works are sublime and were made even more interesting by Nancy’s explicit description of her materials and process.  We were all grateful for a rare glimpse into the working spaces and minds of these two talented and fascinating artists!

Nancy will be hosting an open studio on Sunday, June 5, 12 – 5 p.m. Please contact her for further information.

~ Nicole Logan

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