May General Meeting – Armory Center for the Arts

At the May general meeting held at the Armory Center for the Arts, Patsy Pinney announced the recipient of the inaugural PAA Impact Award. The award, created to commemorate our 60th Anniversary, honors one organization which impacts youth through contemporary art education. The 2016 Impact Award will be presented to artworxLA at our Annual Meeting in June. We honor artworxLA because of its 20-year impact on youth through contemporary art and the excellence of its visual arts programs. artworxLA embodies the essence of the Impact Award with its proven ability to change lives through contemporary art. Its sequential arts program inspires at-risk students to stay in school and develop as individuals, allowing them to flourish as creative adults enriching our whole community.The Founder and Executive Director of artworkxLA, Cynthia Campoy Brophy, will be the guest speaker at our June 2nd Annual Meeting.

Also at our May general meeting, Gwen Robertson gave members a tour de force PowerPoint preview of the 90 pieces of art available for purchase at our art auction the following weekend, educating us about the artists and their bodies of work. The proceeds of the art auction fund our grants program and the Impact Award for the following year.

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