Education in LA – Scripps Ceramic Annual

On Tuesday, March 7, Education in LA headed to Scripps College to the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery, where we were met by Mary MacNaughton and Joan Takayama-Ogawa for a tour of the Scripps College 73rd Ceramic Annual: A Sense of Place.  Joan, a professor of Ceramics and Product Design at Otis College of Art and Design, organized the exhibition. She selected works that evoke a sense of place, each alluding to a different part of the country, including Appalachia, northern New England, the rural farmland of Minnesota, and the urban landscape of California. Joan sought “ceramic heroes” from across the US who are experts in their fields. The nine artists in the exhibition – Chris Antemann, Jeff Oestreich, Diego Romero, Red Weldon Sandlin, Porntip Sangvanich, Michael Sherrill, Anna Silver, Mara Superior, and W.A. Ehren Tool – are all “brilliantly innovative” and “exacting in their precision.” Members who attended were each given a copy of the Ceramic Annual catalog, made possible through a grant from the PAA. We were also invited to select one of the individual stoneware cups, stamped and impressed with images of the military and war, which were made by W.A. Ehren Tool for the piece “400, of Thousands, 2016.” Congratulations to Kristen Molz and Karen Smits for arranging a memorable and educational event, and many thanks to Joan Takayama-Ogawa for personalizing our tour!


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