April Regular Meeting – PMCA

In April, the PAA enjoyed a personalized tour of Interstitial at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, led by Guest Curator John David O’Brien. John prefaced the tour by explaining that an interstitial space or interstice is the area between structures and objects. It’s comprised of the things we do not look at directly or focus on, and often, it even fades into the background. This group exhibition showcases seven Los Angeles-based object makers who explore the transformation of everyday objects and a variety of artistic genres. The artworks forge new meanings and reside in the interstitial space: in between the memory of the objects’ conventional uses and their unpredictable and thought-provoking presence in the new artworks. After exploring the exhibit we ventured into Old Town Pasadena to enjoy lunch at the recently opened Maestro restaurant, serving up adventurous regional Mexican food. Many thanks to Annaly Bennett and Elizabeth Berry, Program co-chairs, and Tina Nieves and Judy Plunkett, Hospitality co-chairs for a captivating day!


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