Ed in LA: Tour of Betty Duker’s Collection

Education in LA

February 6, 2017


A Tour of Betty Duker’s Collection of Latin American Art


An exclamation point was added to our exploration of Latino and Latin American Art during Pacific Standard Time:LA/LA


A most impressive collection of Latin American art was to be found in the home of our own Betty Duker.  She offered 30 lucky PAA members an extraordinary personal tour of her collection of Latin American art– spanning the years of 1940 – 1990.   Betty guided us through her collection in the main house and the adjoining gallery while recounting fascinating stories of artists and insights as to why she was drawn to their creative process.  For her, it isn’t solely the act of acquiring a collection– it is her palpable passion, appreciation and enjoyment for each artistic work. Each work has a place in Betty’s journey throughout Latin America art. As we journeyed with her we learned much about the artists, materials, technique, inspiration and their country of origin.

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