November General Meeting – Skirball Cultural Center

The task of driving to the WESTSIDE may have been daunting, but the draw of seeing the recently
opened Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg exhibition at the Skirball was well
worth the crazy “Waze” the PAA members traveled to the November General meeting. This month’s
announcements at the business meeting included the PAA office move (see separate article above), a
demonstration of just what is and isn’t a “treasure” for the upcoming Treasure Sale, “Breakfast at
Tiffany’s”-garbed patron chairs Ann Barrett and Patsy Pinney getting members fired up about donating,
and a velvety presentation by Special Events chairs Judy Penner and Sonia Singla on the upcoming
Holiday Party to be held on December 6th
. The attendees next gave their rapt attention to Cate Thurston who curated the Notorious RBG show,
which is the first ever retrospective on Justice Ginsberg and it coincides with the twenty-fifth
anniversary of her appointment to the high court. Ms. Thurston was interested in putting together the
show because she believed in what Justice Ginsberg stood for: building a more compassionate world.
Lunch was then served and following that, the members were able to self-guide themselves through the
exhibition. Favorite sites were “Marty’s car” where home movies from the couple’s early life were
shown, a re-creation of the Supreme Court Bench (let’s just say PAA members are not camera shy), and
contemporary art at the end of the exhibition that was inspired by Justice Ginsberg. There were no dissenting opinions:

It was well worth the trip!

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