Pasadena Art Alliance Has A New Office!

As if on cue, the boisterous voices of the First Congregational Church choir serenaded a couple of
dedicated members one more time on the last Sunday before the big office move for the PAA. After 17
years in the church’s upstairs office space that only Treasurers could find “charming,” the Pasadena Art
Alliance has a new home: 1028 North Lake Avenue, Suite 104, Pasadena, 91104.

Not only is it a legit ground floor office space with three separate rooms (including a meeting space), lots
of storage, a kitchen, but also and most importantly, it boasts its own ensuite bathroom! As always with
a project like this, it takes a village: the Archive committee, the Ad Hoc “Move” committee, MANY
volunteer packers and un-packers, all came and did their part. At the risk of leaving someone out,
individuals will not be named except one: President, Bea Trujillo! Her persistence in finding the perfect
location; meeting with space designers; leadership in organizing the volunteer packers; orchestrating
the movers, landlords, utilities and tech team; and finally, putting the finishing touches on the newly
arranged office furniture….all involved Bea’s incredible expertise.

Although no one is quite sure just what song the church choir was singing that final Sunday, one thing is certain: it most definitely involved Halleluiah!!

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