On November 14, about thirteen PAA members enjoyed an
Education in LA trip to LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary
Exhibitions) to view THE MOJAVE PROJECT. Our exhibition
guide was Sarah Russin, Executive Director of LACE, assisted
by Andrew Freire, Exhibition Manager.
THE MOJAVE PROJECT is an experimental transmedia
documentary and curated project led by Kim Stringfellow
exploring the physical, geological and cultural landscape of the
Mohave Desert. A program of public field trip experiences and
satellite events explore the diverse communities and sites of
the Mohave Desert. The exhibit establishes multiple ways in
which to interpret this unique and complex landscape through
association and connection of seemingly unrelated sites,
themes and subjects thus providing an immersive experience.
Additionally, we viewed 40 YEARS at LACE, a Project Room
installation that pulls materials found in LACE’s archives that
highlights or disputes our concepts of LACE’s history.  The

exhibition 40 YEARS at LACE will continue into 2019.

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