January Regular Meeting – Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICALA)

Anxious to be reunited after the holidays, a wonderful turn-out of PAA members made their way to the Arts District for the first meeting of the year.  The destination: the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, which is the re-vamped Santa Monica Museum of Art.  A relative newcomer to the DTLA district, ICA LA graciously hosted the group in their spacious foyer.
Bea began the meeting by updating the membership on “art haps” near and far:  from LA’s MOCA to the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the group was caught up on a smattering of (mostly female artist) exhibitions that are currently in the news.  After finding out from Treasurer Lauren Frankel that we have lots of money in the bank, and that the Grants team is poised to spend it, we then got to the entertainment portion of the morning.  The Treasure Sale is in full press mode with suggestions for holiday and linen donations from aptly donned Janice Bea and Jeannie Vaughn.  Benefit Co-Chair Barbara Davis gave the group announcements on collection dates and that the search was on for a location for the sale.  The always humorous and glamorous Patron Chairs Ann Barrett and Patsy Pinney once again promoted the upcoming patron drive via their Breakfast At Tiffany’s themed presentation (a “product” that will make everyone feel younger, sexier and happier!).  To “top” off the meeting segment, Education Outside LA chairs, Laura O’Connor and Gina Knox delivered the news that the trip to Washington DC was full, but that they were talking names for the wait list.
ICA LA’s director, Elsa Longhauser then gave the group a warm welcome and thanked the PAA for their longtime support, and for the fact that they were “courageous to follow the institution’s quirky mission of exhibiting artists that are not often spoken about or who are in fashion.”  She then introduced curator Jamillah James who led the group through her exhibition, “B. Wurtz: This Has No Name.”  The artist Wurtz is a Pasadena native who studied at both Berkeley and Cal Arts, but is now New York based.  His artworks are varied, but almost always contain found objects that inflect one’s everyday experiences of eating, sleeping and keeping warm.  Following the tour, the warmly garbed group headed to the nearby eatery Church and State for a delicious lunch and chance to catch up. before heading home for their afternoon naps. B. Wurtz would be proud!!

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