St. Malo Board Retreat 2019

St Malo Retreat, September 10-11th, 2019
The 33rd annual PAA Board retreat got off to a fast start with an afternoon of Pickle ball. Tuesday evening board members gathered at Leslie Prussia’s house to reconnect and enjoy cocktails and fantastic appetizers prepared by hospitality chairs: Erin McDonald and Katy Champ. After dinner the fun began and it became obvious that PAA members are a competitive bunch. Rita Flynn, Vice President and party planner extraordinaire, organized teams for a PAA Jeopardy Game, and color coordinated tee shirts were provided courtesy of Katy Champ. Here are a few of the challenging questions for the teams. How many can you answer? (Answers at end of article)
· The Art Alliance began as a support group for Pasadena Art Museum. What is the location on Los Robles called today?
· What PAA member has been featured in a large, full page advertisement in the New York Times?
· What are the names of two artists who have exhibited in Los Angeles supported by PAA? Their names are the names of American Cities.
No single winners of the 2019 Jeopardy Challenge were declared but all saluted Rita for this creative exercise.

On Wednesday morning, President Judy Penner welcomed the 2019-2020 Board and urged everyone to think about how the word “Contemporary” related to our group. She encouraged all board members, when planning for the year, to think about new approaches as they fulfill their particular roles. Board members reported on their summer activities and outlined an exciting array of art related projects. A major project this year will be the revamping of the PAA website. It will truly become a user friendly and essential source of information. Members discussed the importance of including new members and making them feel a part of our organization. The other major discussion focused on a possible new fund raising event to replace SNAP. A series of sessions will be held during the fall to brainstorm about ideas for a new fundraising event. At the first PAA meeting, October 3rd, all members will hear details about the upcoming year.

Answers to Jeopardy questions: USC Paciific Asia Museum; Judy Whiting; Lita Albuquerque and Judy Chicago.

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