February General Meeting – Pasadena Conservatory of Music

As PAA members entered the courtyard of the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, their eyes were drawn to a table with an incredible array of specially designed valentines created by a talented team, headed by Shelly Sackett. This year’s cards exhibited extraordinary artistry and will bring delight to all who receive them.
The general meeting was opened by President Judy Penner with announcements and introductions of guests. She stated that Kris Pilon will be co-chair of Artifacts for the remaining year.
Patty Zuber reported that PAA’s coffers are full but that the account will change after grants are awarded. She also mentioned that if anyone wants to become a patron for the 2020 Art Auction by donating stock, she will facilitate that process.
Next on the agenda was one of the year’s highlights, that is, the announcement of the 2020-2021 grants. Clare Tayback made an excellent power point presentation and thanked the Grants Committee and her co-chair, Jennifer Baxter. She eloquently introduced the slide show
with the following remarks: “I realized this morning while preparing for this presentation today, one eye on the newspaper and one eye on the presentation, that each of these grant proposals at some level deals with the struggles of humanity so specific to our time. These definitely are NOT exhibitions and projects by and about old white men.
It struck me again, as it has so many times, how grateful I am to have art in my life. Art has the ability to educate us, to speak truth to power, to illuminate injustice and after all that – to elevate us above our quotidian troubles.
So . . . I offer a toast TO ART! To the artists, galleries, museums, nonprofits arts organizations and supporters of art like all of you, who elevate our national conversation!”
The committee awarded 30 grants for a total of $298,000. Most of the grants were for exhibitions but also grants were funded for video art, performances, and publications.
Annaly Bennett revealed an exciting list of artists who have donated to the auction this year, including Kim Abeles, Ed Ruscha, Sigrid Burton, and Liz Deschenes. Eighty-nine artists have committed to donating their works. The patron drive has successfully raised over $110,000.
Members were encouraged to help stuff invitations to the 2020 Art Auction on Monday March 16 th -18 th at the home of Julie Ward. Lunch will be available, coordinated by Peggy Dark.
Sign ups for the Dallas-Houston Education Outside LA trip will be on, February 11 th , at 9:00 at the home of Mary Urquhart; deposit is $500. All members are welcome.
Betsy Greenberg listed a number of shows in the Los Angeles Area. She and Gwen Robertson will be facilitating an evening salon on Tuesday, February 18 th discussing artist Andrea Brown.
Location TBD.

Shelly Sackett thanked all those who created the exquisite valentines; this festive venture raised $1300 for PAA.
“Mixing it up a bit,” the Program Chairs, Robin Stever and Laura O’Connor introduced a brief piano recital by Vatche Mankerian, award winning pianist, teacher and composer. He introduced each of the musical pieces by Beethoven, Chopin and Gershwin with little known biographical facts about each one. It was a delightful musical interlude in a perfect setting.

Next month’s meeting will be at the Long Beach Museum of Art on Thursday, March 5 th . NOTE:
This is a different date and time than is listed in your rosters. It will be 9:30 AM coffee/10:00 AM Meeting followed by lunch at Clare’s at the Museum.


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