November 22 General Meeting – ArtCenter College of Design

On a spectacular sunny day, Pasadena Art Alliance members convened at
the main campus of the ArtCenter College of Design to meet in person and enjoy the
current exhibit, Cantos of the Sibylline Sisterhood.
Highlights of the meeting included:
-The announcement of a private art sale from the MARY GERKE estate on December 16th
-Jeannie Vaughn’s pitch for the sale of gratitude cards (see photo)
-Liza Kerrigan’s recitation of her poem, “Nothing to Say,” spoken brilliantly, as the
nominating committee report.
-A slide presentation acknowledging the value of the Pasadena Art Alliance donation to
the Art Center Scholarship program.
-A demonstration of appropriate apparel for the Holiday party, December 8th. Deedie
McCarthy and a coterie of PAA members, showed off a number of colorful garments – outer
and intimate – fitting for the festivities.
The introduction by Julie Joyce, Vice President of Exhibitions and Director of Art Center
Galleries and Christine Valentine, Curator of Exhibitions and Associate Director of Art
Center Galleries of the exhibit, Cantos of the Sibylline Sisterhood. Sharing their interest in
science fiction, the two curators brought together ten artists “using science fiction, fantasy,
spirituality and mythology as grounds for the investigation of identity and agency.” Artists
based their projects on the premise of sibyls, women throughout history known to foretell
the future. The works included both established and emerging artists, resulting in a
remarkable exhibit, filled with compelling works of watercolor, fabric, inkjet prints, ceramics,
paper collage and video.

Elizabeth Berry

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