Education in LA January 2023 – The Geffen at MOCA

Education in LA traveled to The Geffen at MOCA on January 17th to see the Tala Madani Show:Biscuits. Lunch followed at the Chado Tea House.

Iranian born and now California artist Tala Madani has a comprehensive show of paintings and animations. Her show takes an absurdist’s view of cultural stereotypes and the deeply-seated cultural fears, conflicts and desires of our present day. The show is rich in narrative and irony and Madani’s brilliant work elicits curiosity, fantasy and repulsion. Madani plays with stereotypes of family and social life, including childhood innocence, parental power, masculine authority and sexual drive.

This is an excellent show and would highly encourage all PAA members who haven’t seen it to do so. It is brilliantly thought out, pulled together, and highlights various problems and characteristics inherent in our society today. Madani is a prolific and talented artist whose voice accurately represents the times we live in while drawing on her life experiences.

A great outing thanks to Lizzie Salvati and Holly Hancock.

Judy Penner

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