February 2023 General Meeting – Grants Presentation at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music

Our February General Meeting at the beautiful Pasadena Conservatory of Music began with hearts and love, not only among our members, but with the Valentine cards so gorgeously created by the Development Committee and other artists. It was a magnificent array of Valentines that were “gobbled up” by our enthusiastic members. Thank you, Jeannie and the Development Committee!

We proceeded to the majestic Barrett Hall (Ann and Olin), in which our meeting was held. Annaly led the meeting with her usual calm and panache. Shelley and Katy presented a fantastic preview of our new and exciting Fringe Benefit, and emphasized to all the importance of Patron donations!! Then, the highlight was Annie Brose, Grants Chair, and Kirsten Molz, Assistant Chair, who made a meticulous presentation of the $315,000 in grants awarded this year. Annie was impassioned and articulate, and reminded us all of how important our dollars are to both established and newer arts organizations. Huge kudos to the Grants Chair, Assistant Chair, and Committee!

A delicious lunch, catered by Malbec, and accompanied by a pianist, was served across the way. This was a truly engaging meeting that reminds us all of the reasons we are members of this amazing organization.

–Julie Ward


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