Grants Reception 2023

At the 2023 Grants Reception we heard repeated heartfelt appreciation from every one of the grant recipients to PAA for their award, underscoring the value of our mission. Speaker after speaker expressed that our support is essential for what they do.

The diversity of this year’s projects is evident; a number of plans focus on social justice, activism, feminism, and climate change. Art forms like the LA River Public Art Project will be interactive and ambitious. The Huntington Library Art Museum will feature a contemporary woman artist. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibition, Women Defining Women in Contemporary Art of the Middle East and Beyond is a first to examine this subject. Pasadena-born artist Barbara T. Smith is the subject of two grants. The Getty Research Institute will display archives from this extraordinary artists and ICA-LA will feature a retrospective of Barbara’s long career as artist, performer, and activist. Sigrid Burton was delighted to sit with her former teacher and mentor at the reception.

Once again Deedie McCarthy opened her beautiful home to members and guests for the afternoon reception. Catered by John Robinson, the food was special, as was the event itself. The Grants Reception always leaves those who attend with a positive feeling and determination to continue our valuable work.

-Elizabeth Berry

Quotes from the Day:

Armory – Irene Tsatsos
“This event is an annual highlight for us; we cherish our long-standing relationship”

Craft Contemporary – Holly Jerger
“We extend our deep, deep gratitude to PAA. We want you to know how critical your support is to our existence.”

Fulcrum Arts – Robert Crouch
“PAA is our go-to for projects that other funders have a hard time wrapping their arms around.”

Getty Research Institute – Pietro Rigolo
“This grant was an enormous help in funding this show. It was really key in constructing elements in a show that were very pricey.”

The Huntington – Sarah Basile
“We are very grateful for PAA and appreciative of the great work that you do.”

ICA-LA – Anne Ellegood
“Echoing everyone’s passion for PAA – we love you, you’re the best.”

LA Freewaves – Anne Bray
“I want to thank PAA that we keep getting funding for these really wild projects.”

LA River Public Art Project – Elaine Rene-Weissman
“As a relatively upstart organization, it is a privilege to be among such illustrious institutions.”

Vincent Price Museum – Steven Wong
“We are absolutely honored to be here and we are honored to receive PAA’s continued support. This is a wonderful event to have our community of arts and cultural institutions under one roof.”

Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art
“We are so thrilled to be a new grantee of PAA. I’m so happy to hear about the diversity of programs that are being offered.”

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