May 2023 General Meeting – LACMA

Yet another rainy day when PAA must to travel far from Pasadena!

Despite the cold and rain, several dozen PAA members traveled to LAMA for the

May General Meeting. Annaly opened the meeting and gave the Treasurer’s

Report for the absent and deservedly resting Patty Zuber. She also reminded the

membership that the next Education Inside LA trip will be to the Orange County

Museum of Art on May 17th. Mia Dean reported that the membership recently

held its annual new member reception. She also announced that in the fall, PAA

anticipates welcoming 7 new members.

No financial details were revealed about the Fringe Benefit proceeds of yet, but

thanks was given all around for what was a wonderful and innovative event.

Finally, Annaly reminded everyone that our next meeting is our Annual Meeting

and will be held at Susan Masterman’s house on June 1st.

Denise Matthew then introduced LACMA exhibition curator Dr Linda Komaroff

who led the members on a tour of the partially PAA funded exhibit Women

Defining Women in Contemporary Art of the Middle East and Beyond. Our

members were markedly silent as they followed Dr. Komaraoff through this

fascinating exhibit.

Lunch followed, at Ray’s. By the time we left the sun was out, sort of!

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