Pasadena Art Alliance

Established in 1930, ArtCenter College of Design is a global leader in art and design education. ArtCenter’s visionary approach to education is based on the College’s conservatory-like approach to teaching and learning; a desire for rich, intercultural and transdisciplinary dialogue; and a mandate to provide students innovative learning and making spaces.

Part of the grant will be used for scholarships to dedicated Fine Art students who otherwise would be unable to pursue their educational aims and career goals in the arts. The remainder of the funds will be used as exhibition support for two shows in the college’s exhibition spaces: Upgrade Available, a solo exhibition of Julia Christensen’s works which examine “upgrade culture” — the perceived, relentless need to upgrade technology to remain relevant, and Sky, an exhibition which will ponder art and science objects and artifacts that represent provincial human perspectives on Earth’s sky, and contrast that frame of reference to the boundless sky exposed today by astronomy and astrophysics. Upgrade Available will run from April to August 2020, and Sky will be on view from March 2020 into Summer 2020.