Coaxial Arts Foundation

Nancy Foster

Coaxial Arts Foundation is a multi-disciplinary media arts organization devoted to the support of media, sound and performance art. Coaxial provides residencies, studio space, technical support and public exhibition space for live events to showcase underground artists whose works are often not exhibited in galleries. Coaxial activates a community of experimental media, sound and performance artists through commissions, events, workshops, live TV tapings, and exhibitions through the Foundation’s downtown Los Angeles studio space.

Funds will support two artist residencies, Persia Beheshti and Nat Decker. Persia Beheshti will create a multimedia exhibition entitled ‘Urn of Sacred Ashes’ that will examine themes of afterlife, burial and rituals permeating the Gulf region.

Nat Decker will investigate disability aesthetics, technology, and crip fantasy. Their recent work utilizes 3D computer graphics to creatively reimagine the mobility devices – walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, canes – they use each day, imbuing them with fluid impractical form, vivid celebratory color, and questions about desirability. The shows will run April-June 2024.