Feminist Center for Creative Work (FCCW)

Pasadena Art Alliance

The Feminist Center for Creative Work nutures an ever-evolving, intersectional, intergenerational, and joyful collaborative feminist praxis – modeling ways of working and living through art, programming, media, publishing, and the redistribution of resources. The FCCW is the only organization in Los Angeles, and one of the few remaining in the country, that explicitly supports the work of gender marginalized artists.

The grant will support the exhibition Lylex 1.0, featuring new work by the artist collective known as Philth Haus. The exhibition will have three major elements: 1) a multi-edition sculpture series featuring blood bags infusing micropore fungus grow sacs with “blood”; 2) a multi-channel short film depicting an intravenous blood withdrawal; and 3) an installation mimicking a potential hub where many could donate blood to the production of Lylex. The exhibition will be on view March – April 2022.