LA Freewaves

Pasadena Art Alliance

Freewaves creates public media art events that bring diverse audiences and independent media artists together in dialogue on current issues. Media arts include the work of artists who use communication technology – video, film, the web, and mobile devices.  Freewaves has pioneered every new development in the field of media art, establishing itself as one of the most respected and adventuresome advocates for raising media arts to a truly democratic vector for ideas and images.

Tagging on to the successful Freewaves program, Out the Windowwhich transformed and enriched the daily commutes of over one million LA Metro bus riders, this grant will be in support of a new series of videos called Long Live LA.  The current series will focus on community health concerns such as nutrition, mental healthcare, enhanced physical activity, awareness of environmental hazards and promotion of healthy lifestyles.  Artists collaborate with local non-profit community health experts to produce 30 short videos a year and the videos will be on view in waiting rooms and websites of community health clinics.  Artists include Kim Abeles and Ken Marchionno with Dorsey High School; Wesley Groves, Antonio Ogaz, Christina Pierson and Yoshie Sakai, Public Matters with students from Community Health Advocates School at Augustus Hawkins High School; and Kent Yoshimura.