Pasadena Art Alliance

NewTown is a non-profit consortium of accomplished professional artists and artist/ administrators all of whom donate their time to ensure new creative opportunities for their colleagues throughout Southern California. For 15 years, NewTown has presented over 675 artists in all disciplines, brought art works and new art forms to an estimated 400,000 people–many of the events free and in public spaces.

The grant will go in support of Shelved Art which is a collaboration with the Pasadena Public Libraries.  It transforms a trip to any Pasadena Library into an adventure in the stacks. Thirteen exceptional regional artists have hidden their creations inside books they feel relate to their original postcard-sized work of art.  This project explores the relationship between visual art, public library use and the use of the internet to foster new ways people can encounter art, discover art’s relationship to the printed word, and open discussions between consumers and creators of art.  Ongoing through May 30. 2015.