Otis College of Art and Design and Ben Maltz Gallery

Pasadena Art Alliance

4_Untitled Vessel Imari_1988_12.5x26.75Otis prepares diverse students of art and design to enrich our world through their creativity, their skill, and their vision. The Ben Maltz Gallery presents a diverse program of group and solo exhibitions in a variety of media. It serves Los Angeles’ vigorous art community and the city’s diverse public at large, while acting as an important resource for Otis students and faculty.

Funds will support the exhibition, Exquisite Beauty: The Ceramics of Ralph Bacerra. They will also be used to underwrite scholarly research about the artist, educational programming and an illustrated catalogue documenting his life, work and the exhibition. The project will take two years to complete. The exhibition is scheduled for September 26 through December 6 2015.