Grants & Awards


Since 1976, we have given grants on an annual basis to projects that meet our rigorous process and standards. Funds are granted to established as well as unconventional institutions, and we pride ourselves on championing the difficult and nontraditional. All grants must support our mission which reads:

The purpose of the Pasadena Art Alliance is to foster appreciation for contemporary visual arts in Southern California by supporting artists, exhibitions, educational programs and art-oriented, non-profit institutions.

Application deadline for the grants cycle is September 15 of each year and site visits are conducted in the Fall for those institutions meeting our criteria. Grant applicants will be informed of the final decision concerning their application no later than March 1.  The current grants awarded are listed here. For more information about submitting a proposal, see the Grant Making Criteria and Guidelines and Requirements on the Grants page.



For nearly three decades, Venice Arts has provided underserved youth with access to rigorous, high-quality arts education. Venice Arts uses its participatory storytelling practices to amplify the voices of under-represented communities around the world. Its core program, the Art Mentoring and Education Program, serves 300 youth per year. It puts creativity, art making and art learning at the center of youth development, and consists of free, sequential workshops in photography, filmmaking and comics. Each workshop has a “specific and realistic syllabus,” and emphasizes the “whole child,” encouraging youth to find their personal aesthetic and discover creative ways to make art from concept through completion, including in exhibitions or screenings. The organization makes a deep impact on the students it serves and is training future "world class" artists with each program -- over 220 awards have been won by its students.

For further information about VENICE ARTS, please visit its website at


The purpose of this award is:

To showcase excellence in visual art education with an award to a non-profit organization that impacts youth through contemporary visual art.

This award, which will be given to one institution per year, complements our grants program by supporting our community’s budding artists.  Unlike a grant, the award is not given for a specific purpose but is to be used as the organization sees fit to continue the educational efforts for which it is being honored. Application deadline for the award is February 1, and site visits will be conducted in the early Spring for the finalists. Award recipients will be notified by June 1. For more information see the Impact Award Criteria on the Awards page.

Top photo - LACE - Reclaiming Performance - photo of Danni Cassette

Bottom photo- VENICE ARTS - Summer Arts Camp, Dali Jump